Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Toast

To making toast in our new toaster!

We had a toaster for a long long time that was a very nice toaster, it worked well and toasted not only bread but bagels and just about anything else you would want to toast but one day it toasted no more and it was time to buy a new toaster. But we had no money for a new toaster. But we still wanted toast.

So, we went to walmart and bought the cheapest toaster we could find. It cost $6.00. And it was worth about $6.00. It was so small that you could only toast the little bread slices, like wonder bread size, and definitely no bagels because the slots were so small. If you had a big slice of bread you had to cut it in half before toasting otherwise your toast was raw on one side and if you tried to flip the bread and toast the raw side you had a burnt stripe down the middle. It was a lousy toaster but all we could afford at the time.

So, when we got our tax refund! I went shopping for a new toaster. I looked around at the toaster selection at target and still being of frugal mind really didn't want to spend $95.00 on a damn toaster, so looked at the more reasonable $20.00 toasters but toasters just aren't that exciting to begin with so I was kind of undecided as to which lower end but not totally cheap (6.00 walmart toaster, hello!) toaster to get.

Then I saw a Black and Decker toaster that was on sale for $30.00 that looked nice and shiny and boasted wide slots for bagels and big enough slots for big bread. Okay, lets get that one. Not too expensive but not too cheap and we all know that Black and Decker makes great tools, so why not a Black and Decker tool for toasting?

I got the toaster home and we christened it with a fresh slice of bread and were happy with the way it toasted and then son of a gun, realized that it has a RETRACTABLE CORD! What will they think of next?

I would have never ever thought to put a retractable cord on a toaster, but whoever did think of it down at Black and Decker is totally brilliant! We don't leave our toaster on the counter because I don't like looking at it unless I'm toasting something, and all the years of shoving the toaster into the cabinet and having the cord flop out and being unable to shut the cupboard because the (dammit!) cord is hanging out again, and do you wrap the darn thing around the toaster before shoving it into the cupboard but then it doesn't sit right because of that (damn) cord being wrapped around it, and problem solved because of some smart person who probably spent years shoving toaster cords out of the way had the idea to make the cord retract into the toaster. Wow.

Best toaster purchase ever.

Now you see it.

And, zip! now you don't.

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PussDaddy said...

I always buy the cheapest toasters and stuff I can find. I don't eat bagels and don't need wide slots. My last toaster cost about $6 in 1997 and is still going strong. I did buy the cheapest iron though and regretted it and was happy when I knocked it off the ironing board breaking it so that I had to buy another one.