Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Duh Moment

So, I've been working with resin for quite a while now, putting it on my wood pendants and more recently on coasters. And I've had a lot of frustration working with resin, what with one tiny speck of dust or a little piece of fluff or stray cat hair landing on wet sticky resin ruins whatever you are working on if you don't see it and fix it before it's too late. Or does it?

I was working on a new line of collage on wood coasters, way more lightweight that the ceramic tile coasters, and the paper goes all the way to the edge on the wood so hopefully less chance of resin seeping under the edges of the paper and ruining things, and I had put a coat of resin on a whole bunch of the new coasters, only to find that the resin had kind of shrunk away from the edges, in essence ruining all my work. Or at least I thought so. I decided to try adding a second coat of resin to see what happens, and whaddya know, it's like magic and fixes a multitude of errors. You can even sand out that stray piece of cat hair and after the second coat it's magically disappeared. I was like why didn't I ever think of trying this before I threw away so very many what I thought were ruined pieces? And what's worse is that in the back of his mind Keith knew that you could add another coat to resin and refinish it, but it never came to the front of his mind until now. We both went 'duh' on this one.

Anyway, no more ruined coasters or pendants now, although I've had a couple that now have many layers of resin on them due to that one little speck of dust, and I may end up with some really thick coasters, but at least I'm not throwing all that work away.

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PussDaddy said...

I think your coasters are so cute.