Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ice Cream Truck

In some parts of the country the sound of the ice cream truck driving down the road means that summer is on its way. Here in this part of the country the ice cream truck desperately drives down the road all year long. Not only one, but two ice cream trucks drive down our street every single afternoon. All year long. We used to have a converted mail truck ice cream truck that came down our street with its hand lettered sign that says 'cautionkids', but now we have the new improved converted ups van or whatever this truck used to be. The sign still says 'cautionkids'. And I always wonder if the driver doesn't have this song playing in his mind every waking moment of his day. Hard way to make a living if you ask me. Let's see, how many $1.50 ice cream bars do I need to sell today to even pay for the gas for this truck?

I didn't catch the part where the song ends and the truck says 'HELLO' in a kind of loud weird creepy robot voice. But I did get to see the truck totally back up the whole length of the street because someone was waving at him wanting to spend their $1.50

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