Saturday, April 17, 2010

Redoing My Shop Photos


I'm redoing my pictures for my shops yet again. I just did them and really really didn't like the way my shops looked, very blah, so I'm in the process of changing them all around again and this time I think I might finally be satisfied with it all.

I went from a busier background to a solid but didn't like it.

Solid, I like the blue but not the blah.

So, in keeping with the retro vintage feel of my shop, at least it's supposed to be retro vintage feeling what with all of the retro vintage illustrations that I use in the pendants and all, I am using some of my retro vintage books as a backdrop. Much more interesting, at least I think so.

It takes a long time to redo 150 listings, but I am making it go a little faster by opening up two windows to edit with, switching back and forth between them. Kind of a 'duh' moment when I though of that. I could probably open up a bunch more windows and edit a bunch more listings all at once, but I know I would get totally confused and end up with the wrong pictures in the wrong places.

And that is what I'm doing on this lovely Saturday.

Keith is starting on the kitchen floor. Last night we pulled the washer and dryer out of the cabinet and cleaned back there. I think there were about 15 fuzzy mice under there and some big round beads that Buddy stole from my workroom back when I had big round beads in there for him to steal, and a pencil and a family of dust bunnies. I scrubbed the floor and we got one of those big plastic tray things that your washer sits on in case of leaks. The linoleum that is in there is going to stay, no wasting wood flooring for inside a cabinet.

One good thing about him working on the kitchen floor, it's a great excuse to go get something to eat instead of fixing lunch! Too messy in there so we're going to go get a hamburger or something here in a minute. If it takes him days to get the floor in then that's days when I won't have to cook!

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