Friday, April 16, 2010

Did You Survive?

Tax Day that is?

I'm glad all that is behind us for another year but this year is moving by so fast that it will be tax time again before we know it. We got our state refund and took it right to the bank before it bounced or they asked for it back but we are still waiting on the federal refund. REFUND! I'm still shocked that we didn't have to pay this year like we do every year, but being broke all year does have its perks I suppose!

Keith's teeth must have known we were getting a refund. He went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in a long time and had one tiny cavity that they filled right then and there, but has two teeth that are cracking and need crowns. He made the appointment for Monday and it will cost $900.00 and some odd dollars. I still haven't made the appointment for my crown which will be another $495.00 or so. So there goes a big chunk of our refund.

He is taking Monday and Tuesday off for vacation days and he was supposed to put our kitchen floor in, not go get crowns put on his teeth, but since he's already got the time off he figured he'd get the teeth out of the way and not have to leave work early or ask for another day off or whatever. He'd still better get that damn floor put down though! I have a feeling I will be nagging him a lot this weekend. A lot.

But, hopefully by next week we will have a floor! Finally! We've had the boxes of wood flooring sitting in the garage for a few years now, all bought and paid for. We'll see...

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