Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Three of Kitchen Floor floor yet.

Keith went to all the home improvement stores yesterday to get the right kind of glue and the right kind of trowel that our flooring calls for and of course none of the home improvement stores carry it because all the wood flooring that they sell nowadays doesn't need glue. That must be why our flooring was so cheap when we bought it 3 or so years ago.

The flooring stores that would possibly carry the right glue were all closed yesterday, it being Sunday, so today he has to go in search of glue again. After he goes to the dentist.

He spent yesterday scraping the rest of the old glue gunk off the floor and making new thresholds for the pantry and laundry doors.

Handmade thresholds:

To make the threshold fit with the new pan for the washer under the washer he had to do the threshold before putting the washer back in the closet, so the washer has been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for two days.

A little difficult to do the laundry and walk around the kitchen this way.

Here is our floor.

And here is Mimi going nuts over all the BOXES!! that the flooring came in.




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