Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day Four Kitchen Floor

Well, it's not going to get finished today.

Keith spent THREE HOURS at the freaking dentist's office yesterday. They were so busy that they kept him in that chair forever with the dentist going back and forth between patients, doing a little here and a little there and then finally finishing up with him when he started to complain about sitting there for so long. Then on top of it all they found another tooth that they wanted to put a crown on but he told them that it would just have to wait because he didn't have another $400.00 for another tooth and he wanted TO GET OUT OF THAT CHAIR ALREADY!

He didn't get home until noon and we were starving with nothing for lunch in the house so we went to get some lunch and then he went to find the glue and trowel that he needed and then his teeth were hurting so he took some aspirin and had a nap and by then it was getting really late in the afternoon. So, he got more prep work done and today he is going to do half the floor and finish up next weekend.

We were trying to figure out where to put the refrigerator and my suggestion was to move it to one side of the kitchen, do the floor on one side, let it set up for 12 hours, and then move the refrigerator back where it belongs. I know if he tries to do the entire floor in one day he will get too tired and frustrated and mistakes will be made.


Like all the other projects in this house, it might get done someday.

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