Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Errands and Rain

I'm not sure what day it is today since having Keith home for part of the week messed up my inner calendar. We were driving by the school on Monday and I was wondering why so many cars were parked in the high school parking lot and then I was like 'oh, yeah, it's Monday not Sunday.' The cats were kind of confused, too. They know that when Keith gets home from work it's dinner time but when he's home all day they aren't real sure as to what exactly is going on. Especially if he is home all day and running saws and shop vacuums and making all kinds of noise.

No floor yet. But we do have a stove with clean sides and a new piece of plywood underneath it. Instead of putting real flooring under the stove I suggested the plywood since nobody will see what's under there anyway, so that's one thing that did get accomplished yesterday. There were probably twenty cat toys under the stove and about six years worth of dust and food drippings down the sides of it. Ick.

We were talking about these plastic strip things that go in between your stove and countertop to keep crap from going down the sides of your stove that I used to see in the Lillian Vernon catalogs of gadgets and junk you didn't know that you needed. I went online to see where I could order some from and read a review of one brand where the person said they weren't quite what they wanted and they found better and cheaper ones at walmart. So I went to walmart and found some for 6.00 each. I got the flexible silicone ones since our countertop is tile and has that weird raised edge on it and the stove sits a little lower so we need flexibility there, folks. The hard plastic ones were even cheaper at like 3.00 each. They aren't the most attractive things I've ever seen in a kitchen but they already did the trick last night when I was trying to rip open a teabag packet and the tea exploded all over the counter and stove.

Anyway, I went to go to walmart yesterday morning and saw big black clouds on the horizon, went in to do my shopping and came back out to howling winds and black clouds directly overhead. I was looking around to make sure there wasn't a tornado coming what with such high winds, not that I've ever seen a tornado around here but you never know. By the time I got to the car big fat raindrops were coming down, and in a few minutes it was absolutely pouring. I had been planning on going to a few other places but thought maybe I should go home first until the rain settled down. Which I did.

Kieth went back to work today, vacation time is over for now, and time for me to try and clean the living room which still has a big pile of wood flooring right in the middle of it.

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