Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad Lucy!

Does this innocent face look like a bad kitty to you? Well, yesterday she was the baddest I've ever seen her be.

I was in the workroom all morning pouring resin on my new line of wood coasters. Wood coasters instead of ceramic tile because the ceramic tile ones seem to get ruined by resin seeping under the edges of the paper too easily, wood tiles because the paper can go all the way to the edge which seems to keep that resin from seeping so much. Plus they are unbreakable and much lighter weight making them much cheaper to ship. Anyway. I had resined tiles all laid out on cookie sheets, all covered up in a big stack, and I went into the kitchen for a minute and hear big crashing and banging sounds coming from the workroom and I'm thinking somebody has knocked over all the cookie sheets and there will be resin all over the place and a huge huge mess in there.

The cookie sheets were untouched but as I'm heading back to the workroom here comes Harri streaking out of the room with Lucy right behind her. They raced around the living room, Harri hissing and Lucy growling and back into the workroom, around the workroom, into the bedroom where Harri takes refuge under the bed. Lucy's hackles are raised and every other cat is freaked out and running around the house. WHAT'S HAPPENING!?! OHMYGOD!

I yelled at Lucy and she stopped, looking up at me all innocent with that 'who me?' look on her face. Pepper was all upset and she starts growling at everyone. Bear is terrified and looks kind of guilty, too. Harri is still hiding under the bed. Where she stayed for the next four hours.

I don't know why the three little cats take such delight in chasing Harri around, but I'm thinking I may need to get a holster and carry around the squirt bottle of water so that I can squirt them every time they even look like they might be thinking of chasing her. She's so timid as it is, now she's really going to be looking over her shoulder all the time.

Poor Harri!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So what crashed and what the hell were they doing?

PussDaddy said...

No, it doesn't look like a bad kitty, it looks like a perfectly innocent face to me.


geelizzie said...

I think the crashing might have been the blinds in the window. Harri was probably sitting on the window bench and Lucy saw the opportunity to chase her.

Anonymous said...

squirt bottles are the best! In fact, I just bought a squirt gun for the car, so when the dogs get all whiny and huffy because they are excited and don't know where we are going, and are doing that 'are we there yet' stuff, I can just squirt them. And I have to say, it kinda gives me joy to be a mean mom... bwhwhahahahaha...