Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uck and a Little Mimi on the Side

Every once in a while I'll pick up this magazine because it catches my eye while standing in line at the checkout of the grocery store or walmart or wherever. It's fairly cheap for a magazine these days at $2.49 and it always promises that the coupons inside will pay for the magazine. The cover also drags me in with it's ways to cut food costs, clean the house faster, and in the case of this issue, the juxtaposition of sugary cookies in heart shapes on the front and right next to the delicious looking cookies the words GET SLIM STAY SLIM with the all-day eating plan. I don't think the cookies are part of the GET SLIM STAY SLIM eating plan, though. But they do LOOK DELICIOUS AND I REALLY WANT A HEART SHAPED COOKIE RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, I brought the magazine home and skimmed through it, not finding the articles that seemed so alluring on the front of the magazine all that informative. I should know better by now that the inside of a magazine just never quite lives up to the cover, but they still manage to suck me in.

There are a lot of coupons in the magazine but they are for things that I don't use and the recipes in this issue are all kind of icky looking and THERE IS NO RECIPE FOR THE HEART SHAPED COOKIES!

Then while flipping through the magazine I came across this ad for tuna cubes. I'm sorry, but tuna does not belong in a cube shape and this is probably the most unappetizing new food product that I've ever seen.

Tuna Snacks! Discover the tuna that makes your salads more fun and tasteful!

First off, a cube of tuna on my salad sounds totally gross and I can't see how it would make my salad more FUN by having the tuna shaped into 'nice and appealing cubes'. There is nothing appealing about a tuna cube.

Unless by appealing they mean that you can partly consume the tuna cubes and keep the remainder in its BRINE in the refrigerator.

The words CUBE and BRINE really whet your appetite, don't they?

And this morning I picked up my shoes and a stray cat toy and put them on the bed so that I could vacuum the floor without having to shove the shoes out of the way with the vacuum cleaner which usually results in shoelaces getting sucked up into the vacuum cleaner not to mention the toy mouse's tail getting sucked up and Mimi thought they looked comfortable to snuggle up next to or she likes the funky shoe smell or something.

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PussDaddy said...

Love seeing your kitties. The tuna cubes though gotta go. Blech! I don't eat tuna at all anyway.