Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

We were watching TV the other night and Jamie Lee Curtis was talking about irregularity again, and Keith and I got to thinking that you never see any men on these types of commercials, just women, so is irregularity something that men either don't have problems with or wouldn't eat the yogurt anyway or what. Keith said it's because the guys just drink a lot of beer and that keeps them going just fine. Now if they made beer flavored Activia they might have something there.

I was very proud of Keith over the weekend, he actually got something accomplished and the wood that was on the living room floor is gone. It's not quite all on the walls yet, but close. He was replacing the trim around the doors in the kitchen with trim that he cut himself and will match all the other wood work that he's done in the living room and kitchen, and there are only 2 pieces to go. He is a perfectionist when it comes to woodworking so everything takes a long long long time...someday, though, someday, we may have a finished kitchen. Complete with a floor!

Keith got a new debit card in the mail yesterday. I just assumed the old one had expired but there was a letter about how his debit card number had been flagged for possibly being compromised so they were sending him a new card with a new number. Keith called the bank to see what the heck was up but all they could tell him was that they got an alert with a whole string of credit and debit card numbers that were found in a database somewhere and had apparently been stolen. We did have a couple of criminals here in town that were putting little capture machines into gas pumps and stealing debit card and pin numbers from gas pumps so we're thinking that might be what happened. About the only place he uses his debit card is to buy gas or lunch. It does make you a little leery of using your debit card all over the place like we do, though.

And, speaking of calling the bank, our phone has been acting up for quite a while, where it wasn't keeping a charge and you'd be trying to talk on the phone and it would start beeping that the battery was low. Not that we even use the phone that much, days will go by without the phone ringing and when it does ring it's just somebody trying to get us to send them money for tickets to the Police Association Rodeo or something. Anyway, he's been getting more and more frustrated with the phone and last night he was trying to call the bank and both phones were beeping that the batteries were low even though they sit in the chargers unused for days on end and he got so mad that he threw the phones into the trash. I said can't we just get new battery packs for the phone, but it's an old phone and we've never really liked it anyway, so we went and got a new phone at Target. And, dang, but do they have some fancy phones these days.

Now we have to relearn how to use a phone. I'd really like to just get one that just plugs in and sits on its cradle, doesn't have a battery or an answering machine or speaker phone or phone book inside it or buttons and beepers and all that, but I guess they don't make those kinds of phones any more.


PussDaddy said...

Oh my I just had to giggle about your segueing from women only talking about and using irregularity stuff and then your being proud that "keith actually accomplished something" hee hee hee. See, it all comes out in the end.


Anonymous said...

I've been saying the same thing about activia for men, I don't get it. Why don't they market men too? There is that Yoplait commercial where the guy is snooping around in the fridge looking for all the yummy deserts his wife is talking about on the phone. THEY assume that men will eat yogurt. I wonder. Ha!