Friday, February 5, 2010

Silly Kitty

Little Mimi has always loved to play with trash. She's the one who brings in odd finds from the garage, like a scrap of wood, a screw, or like the other day, a stick of hard chalk for marking wood that I found in the food bowl. For the last few days she has been playing with two wadded up balls of paper. No fancy fuzzy mice or jingly balls for her, just crumple up some junk mail and she's happy.

The other night I was watching TV and she spent about 2 hours carrying around her ball of paper, meowing with that 'I've caught something!' meow that cats have, dropping the paper on my lap so that I'll throw it for her, chasing the paper ball all over the floor, and meowing some more. It's so funny to watch her have so much fun with a ball of paper.

This week has been rather dull. Yesterday I just couldn't get into doing much of anything, I was trying to get inspired in the workroom but no inspiration came, I didn't need to clean much because I did it all the day before, didn't have to go to the post office because I had no sales, so I just kind of wandered around all day and almost fell asleep while reading a book. Maybe today I'll actually do something.

We're trying an experiment with our central heating/air conditioning system. We were talking about the dust and dander in the air and how some of my resin coasters have been ruined by cat hairs or dust getting on them despite my best efforts to check them all over before covering them up to harden. I go over them with a toothpick to pick up any stray bits of whatever but still have some that end up with a strand of something on them. Our thermostat has a fan setting that you can run and it gently and quietly circulates the air through the filter and back out the vents. So we're going to run it for a few weeks and see if it helps the air in the house stay cleaner and if it makes our electric bill jump way up like it does in the summer when we have the air conditioner on. We've been running it for a few days and Keith says he doesn't wake up as congested as he used to and it does seem as if we sleep a little better with a little circulation going on. So, we'll see how it goes. We do have a couple of air cleaner machines that we run but they are kind of loud and you have to constantly change out the filters, so maybe filtering the whole house will work better.

We have been promised rain once again, it did rain a little overnight but we probably won't get much more than a few sprinkles today.

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Anonymous said...

Cats are funny, aren't they? Cute though too.

All we have is electric heaters in the walls here, (not baseboards but like individual wall heaters) so no central anything... and it's really dusty in the summer here, drives me nuts. good luck with the circulation thing, hope it helps!