Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uh Oh

NBC's in even more trouble now. First they dis Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien and now are going to be bombarded with letters about how politically incorrect the show Mercy is.

When Mercy first came out I didn't think I'd like the show figuring it was going to be kind of sanctimonious with the main character Veronica being a saintly nurse just trying to do her job while the doctors around her just don't understand what it means to take care of patients. But, I got hooked on the show and have been following it ever since. It's no award winning drama, but I've enjoyed watching the odd plot twists and rather odd characters. But after last night's show, they might be in trouble with the 'politically correct you can't say this word' groups out there for saying as an insult....wait for it....gasp....ARE YOU RETARDED? Said by a doctor no less. So, I fully expect Mercy to be canceled soon because of that one word.

And in some really really disturbing news around Bakersfield.

Not only is this the worst crime I've heard of in a long time, but what went on in lockup while this human piece of sh*t was awaiting trial is even more disturbing.

This man here, this thing covered in jailhouse tattoos, this waste of a human body, beat to death a 90 year old woman with a baseball bat, almost beat her 59 year old daughter to death with the same baseball bat, and then went out for a hamburger afterwards. Because all that exertion made him hungry.

Lovely, isn't he?

Anyway, while in lockup awaiting trial, the trial in which he was convicted and sentenced to death, which doesn't mean all that much here in California because when was the last time they actually executed someone anyway, but while in lockup a female deputy HAD AN AFFAIR with this disgusting creature. UGH! I know that this kind of thing does go on in jails all over the place, but even the head guy in charge of the jails around here was just totally sickened that someone would actually WANT to have sex with this thing.

And totally unrelated, but since when are felt pads for the bottoms of furniture and radios and stuff called tacos? I stopped at walmart today to get some of these to put on the backs of the ceramic tile coasters that I'm working on and this is what is says on the back of the package.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... I might need to make tacos for dinner tonight... as long as they aren't filled with felt and glue. gah!