Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well That Was Weird

I woke up this morning expecting gray skies because we were promised a big change in the weather with a big STORM WATCH and rain coming through. Well, it must have come through during the night because it is sunny sunny sunny outside and the only clouds I can see are way off over the mountains. Where it is probably raining. Or snowing.

The only evidence of rain here are the wet streets.

I double checked the weather report on the internet and it says it's foggy right now and is supposed to rain all day. Huh.

I kind of wanted it to rain all day, we've had weeks and weeks of fog and overcast skies and then finally get a chance of some wet stuff to go along with those overcast skies, but not an overcast to be seen today.

Yesterday I actually got hot when I walked over to the post office. I had put my jacket on like usual and ended up taking it off halfway there.

I'm working on something new today. I think I have crafter's ADD sometimes, I get bored with what I'm making so quickly. I had seen ceramic tile coasters on etsy and did some googling yesterday to double check on how they were made, I kind of had an idea already but wanted to verify what was in my head. It seemed really easy, just slap some paper on a ceramic tile and seal it with spray or polyurethane. But since I'm getting to be such a pro with the resin I was wondering how well that would work, too. I would think it would be much more durable than spray or something you paint on, plus you'd only need one coat. So, I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some ceramic tiles (cheap!) and did a few collages on them last night and will resin them today to see how they come out. The only issue I can see is shipping them, you'd have to use boxes to make sure they didn't get thrown around and broken plus they are heavy so the shipping charges would be kind of high. We'll see how it goes today with the resin.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

don't forget flat rate envelopes on the weight. i'll send you a convo on a little trick I have. ♥ Can't wait to see what you made!