Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dry Skin and Snuggies and Seen on TV

I never used to have this problem until I moved to Bakersfield and got old. Gross, yucky, cracked, dried up heels on my feet. Even the WORD heel is kind of gross. I guess they got this bad because I go barefoot around the house for months and months because it's too hot to have anything on your feet in the summers here. So, my feet are just awful. Disgusting.

So, I saw this thing on TV, the pedi egg and thought I'd try that out on my poor dried up nasty feet. It, like most other as seen on TV products, really doesn't do all that much. It's kind of like using a cheese grater on your feet. I guess if your feet weren't too bad to begin with it might do the trick, though. I've tried pumice stones and lotions and wearing socks around the house, but my feet are still one big calloused mess. The only thing that really seems to help much is Bag Balm, you know, the stuff that comes in the green tin and was actually invented to use on cows udders? It's made with lanolin so it's kind of greasy going on, but it really does work on really dry skin like mine. The only problem is that for some reason Pepper loves the smell (she also loves the smell of seasoning salt) and will come and rub against and bite my feet. The other cats don't get all excited over the smell, just Pepper, and she can smell it from the living room and will come into the bedroom looking for my feet. So, what I do is wipe my bag balmed covered hands on a washcloth and let her roll around and rub and bite on that instead of my feet.

It's been getting cold here at night (and in the daytime, too) and we were talking about getting a blanket for the couch to cozy up in and naturally our talk turned to snuggies, because what better way to cozy up on a couch than in a snuggie, right? Just because it will make you look like a dork is no reason to not have the convenience of being able to walk around the house covered in a blanket with your arms and hands free so you can eat your snack or change the channel with ease, right? But, no, Keith will not let me buy a snuggie. Even though I saw leopard and zebra print snuggies at walmart! No, we have to be all boring and settle for a regular blanket.

We do have a few couch throws that we've collected over the years, but somehow they have been taken over by the cats. The past few weeks the whole couch has been taken over by the cats. I think they've been getting a little chilly, too, and the couch is all warm and cozy, so now we have to look before seating ourselves so we don't squash anyone.

And, speaking of snuggling.


PussDaddy said...

I bought a ped egg too although I have never used it and really do not have dry cracked feet. I wanted to get a snuggie too, because I like to read while laying on the couch. But you know, I already have some fleece flows, and like you my cats have taken them over, and they are cat hair magnets, and when I wash them all the cat hair comes off and clogs up the drain to my washing maching and the water won't drain and backs up and leaks all over the basement floor instead. We got some of those lint catchers for the drain hose but you have to change them so often or it just backs up again and it is a PITA.


PussDaddy said...

P.S. A furniture store here was offerning snuggies for $2.99 if you shopped there.