Thursday, December 3, 2009

Couch Potatoes

See what I mean about cats on the couch?

It's turning into a very expensive cat bed.

Notice how Pepper has her own corner of the couch? That's because she is so cranky and snarly that nobody else wants to get close to her. She even snarls at me when I want to sit down so I spray her with the squirt bottle and then she jumps off and snarls away.

Look at that disdainful expression on her face.

Last night I absolutely could not get to sleep even though I was tired. I went to bed at 11 then tossed and turned until 2 am. I was cold. So at 2 am I got up and turned the heater on, got the house warmed up, and then back to bed. Where I was able to finally fall asleep.
We don't usually leave the heater on at night because it blows right onto the bed and the room gets too stuffy and hot, but tonight I'm going to warm things up in there before I go to bed.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We have a heating mattress pad on the bed. Gets the bed warm, but the air around your face can still be cool. Since the beds are above the engines there is a big void area of air below them and it is cold, cold, COLD!

PussDaddy said...

I have been sleeping on the couch for a while and I woke up with a cat on my chest, one between my legs, and one staring me in the face from the arm of the couch.