Monday, November 30, 2009


Busy four day weekend for me, not so much for Keith.

We rented a few movies to watch, Up, The Reader, and Angels and Demons. Up was totally cute even though Keith fell asleep part way through. Squirrel! We laugh about how easily distracted he can be sometimes, just like the dogs in the movie. Squirrel!

The Reader was excellent, but I couldn't help thinking about the whole seducing a teenager thing and how this movie was okay because it was a woman doing the seducing, if it had been a man (Roman Polanski, anyone?) as the main character, there would have been a huge outcry and certainly no Oscars for anyone. I do like Kate Winslet in just about anything, she is a very versatile actress and the boys (Keith) like her because she goes around naked in most of her movies. If you haven't seen her in Little Children, that's an excellent movie also, and yes, naked Kate in that one , too. I also like that she looks like a normal woman, no boob jobs, no skeleton skinny there. She might even have (gasp) a little cellulite here and there.

Angels and Demons was good, but just kind of so-so. Enjoyable but not something that really sticks with you as great cinema or anything.

At least we didn't rent any stinkers this time like the last few times we've gotten movies.

I spent a lot of time this weekend working on learning how to do resin on my wood pendants. Messy and time consuming, but I think I've got it down, now. I have to be patient and stir and pour slowly and carefully. Here are some that came out pretty good, I think.

Keith got nothing much done, certainly no kitchen floor yet...maybe someday.

And we finally heard back from Kelly. We'll be sending her money to her this week, we had emailed her saying that we really had no other option, spending money on a plane ticket seemed to be a waste, better spent on renting a place for them to live where they already are. After all the cloak and dagger and secrecy about this whole running off to England and getting married we finally got a few answers and she says that the marriage is fine. Or whatever, who knows what really goes on in that fantasy world of hers. Supposedly her husband is going to try for a soccer coaching job in the states next year, so they may end up back in these parts anyway. But not in our spare room or garage!


Laina said...

I loved Up. Also, I had to change my blog. Here's the new one.

PussDaddy said...

OMG we rented Angels And Demons last week and all it did was piss me off. Watching it was pure torture and I have declared it the worst movie ever made.
Your necklaces are pretty.