Friday, December 4, 2009


I don't want to sign your @#$%&*! petition!

Every day I walk by walmart and foods co on my way to the little post office nearby. Every day I'm accosted by the same people in my face about signing their petitions. Twice a day. On the way to and on the way from the post office.

No, I don't want to sign your petition!

Not only are there petition signer-uppers in front of the stores but also people asking for money for a generic 'homeless women and children' charity. No, I don't want to give money to you today and please stop asking me. I might want to give you some money but not when you are so in my face about it.

The only people in front of stores that I will give money to this time (or any other time) of the year are the bell ringers for the Salvation Army. They are always polite, don't ask for money, stay in their spot, ring their bell, and always say thank you if you drop a few coins into their bucket.

Today I actually crossed into the parking lot area just to avoid a particularly avid petition signer person. She still yelled after me to come sign her petition.

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Meghan said...

sounds like the concierge at my work. they sell timeshares, and people will walk on the other side of the lobby to avoid them, but they will still holler at the across the lobby... it's ridiculous!