Monday, December 21, 2009

Cat Stuff

Thinking about buying a cozy new cat bed for your favorite feline? Like this one with the invisible cat enjoying it?

Well, don't bother, save your money and just give them an empty shoe box.

Or just let them use each other for a pillow.

And speaking of cats, old Stumpy is still wandering the neighborhood with his gross stump of a tail. And our little kitten friends are still living under the car across the street. They wait for me each morning and evening and run over to get their handout. The bravest one, who we call Bandit because of the funny raccoon face that it has, actually lets me pet him or her, not sure which it is yet. He or she will roll on its back and let me rub its belly, batting at me with tiny paws. The other two will eat the free food, but don't even think about touching me. Mama cat watches from across the street, ever vigilant.

In other news, this month on Etsy was actually not bad, the best so far this year which really isn't saying that much because it has been a way less than successful year. I was able to buy this week's groceries with Etsy earnings, so that's something right there. I am curious to see how things will go in the new year. I'm also hoping that the job market will open up some around here, you know things are bad when even McDonald's isn't hiring.

We are not doing much for the holidays so I'm not busy getting ready, no big meal planned, no gift giving, no tree (not that we can have one with so many cats in the house anyway), no cookie baking (not that we need to be eating cookies anyway), we're just kind of ignoring most of the holiday frenzy. We will be going down south on Saturday for our traditional family get together, which we missed last year because we were afraid we'd get stuck in the snow on the interstate going over the mountains. Our car would probably have broken down on the trip anyway since it was only a few days after Christmas that the timing belt broke for the second time. Keith's brother called yesterday to see if we wanted to come for Christmas dinner, but we really don't want to drive down two days in a row, plus can't really afford that much in gas, so we politely declined. They said we could spend the night at their house, but I just really don't like to spend the night at other people's houses. I don't sleep that well in my own bed, let alone on someone's hideaway or futon or floor. If it was a really really big house, where you had your own private wing or something, that would be different, but their house is tiny like ours, and I know they don't have a guest room, so couch it would be. Plus we have cats to feed and mashed potatoes and deviled eggs that I'll be fixing on Christmas to bring down on Saturday. Excuses, excuses.
Believe me, I was trying to think of some real fast.


Colddaye said...

I'm with the Bakersfield Magazine and I have seen your Etsy store. I would like to interview you for an article on women with their own businesses and the innovative ways they use the internet to run or further those businesses. Please reply to alli. aubin @ gmail . com if you are interested (remove spaces). I would love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

oh. i love cats. i think i am in love with yours.