Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

So, the phone rings this morning and I answer it thinking that it's Keith calling on his break because usually he's the only person that calls here, and it's not Keith but someone asking for him by his full name, so I'm all excited thinking that it's the HR person from the cement plant so I put on my most professional voice and say 'he's at work, can I take a message' but no, it's a guy from Mitsubishi because Keith looked at cars there LAST JANUARY and did we need any help with anything. Like maybe we are still looking for a car A YEAR LATER? I told him, no we bought a car LAST JANUARY, and are not in the market for another one. Especially since we can barely, just barely afford the car that we bought LAST JANUARY. You, know, the one where we missed out on all the cash for clunkers and the practically giving cars away for free thing.

Buddy is being a little pest today, meowing around the house, biting my leg, rubbing against every surface possible, getting under foot, and did I mention biting my leg? I finally got out the catnip thinking that would keep him occupied for a few minutes and of course every other cat in the house smelled the catnip so they had a little catnip frenzy there, and Buddy has to go around to everyone else's catnip because the grass is always greener don't you know.

Let's talk about the weather now, because that's always scintillating conversation, isn't it? It's gray, it's chilly, and it's fog season. No rain here, but we get the killer fog that always ends up causing multi car pileups on the interstate. Where 30 cars or so end up all smashed together.
There was a rather gruesome crash on the 99 the other day. A truck full of live turkeys, like 1200 of them, overturned and caught on fire. The poor turkeys were stuck in their cages on fire, roasting alive. Ugh. The news showed pictures of the caltrans workers shoveling up roasted turkeys off the road. Ugh. It kind of spoils the idea of having roasted turkey for Christmas dinner, seeing that, and I'm sure the caltrans guys will be having ham instead after that experience.

Not much else going on, I need to walk over to the post office but I am procrastinating because, like I said, it's a little chilly outside. I will force myself to go, though, because if I don't get there before 3, the mail will be picked up and I'll have to drive over to the real post office which is about 7 miles away through heavy traffic. That sounds even worse than walking through heavy traffic right now.

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PussDaddy said...

You know, when we bought our Saturn, we also looked at Kia's, and by the time Kia called to check on us we had a car and had been driving it for some time. I guess they don't want to sell cars too badly.

Puss was naughty today too, I woke up and he had ripped the Chrismtas lights out of the window. The icicle lights were dangling, and a star was laying in his water bowl with the little light covers that cover the bulbs scattered all over the place. Then I am burning candles and he is transfixed with that, and I am doing my best to keep him out, but he got a snoot full of heat when he sniffed a flame when I wasn't looking, but it didn't burn him thank goodnes and he looked like he lost interest after that.

That turkey story was horrible, lol. It is still really cold here too.