Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Too Much

I was walking by walmart this morning on the way to the post office (yay, one more order to go out!) and saw all kinds of activity in the side and back of the store, employees pulling pallets piled high with freight from the back of the store to the garden area. Lots and lots of pallets piled high. Moving them from one storage area to another, all of them covered with tarps because it sprinkled last night and all this stuff sits outside the store because there is no more space in the back room. So if you buy some of this stuff that's been sitting outside, chances are it may be a little damp.

Now, you'd think that with only a few shopping days left, all of this merchandise would already be out on the floor, ready for purchase. But not when it comes to walmart. They overbuy, overstock, and in general fill up their store with tons of cheap junk in hopes of making more money, more money. After all, don't consumers like to consume and in order to get them to consume more, you'd better make sure that your store overflows with more and more things to buy, right?

I don't know, but after the experience of working at walmart and seeing how much stuff comes into and goes out of that store each day, it kind of boggles the mind at what a 'buy buy buy' society we've come to be. Spend, spend, spend, and if you don't have the cash to buy the latest and greatest and biggest, we've got an easy payment plan for you at only 29% interest!

Too much stuff.

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