Thursday, November 26, 2009

In The Ghetto

Sing it with me, Elvis!

Today we are not doing the traditional Thanksgiving thing. We really had no plans at all, but were both hungry this morning and since we don't have much other than cereal for breakfast in the house decided to go over to IHOP and see if they were open for breakfast. And, yes, they were, and as a matter of fact, our IHOP is now open 24/7 and we are going to go there on Christmas for breakfast, too!
So, breakfast at IHOP complete with pancakes. Pancakes come with everything at IHOP because, after all, it is the International House of PANCAKES! I chose the festive gingerbread pancakes instead of just plain old buttermilk to go with my omelette. They were pretty good, but I shouldn't eat pancakes because then a few hours later my blood sugar plummets and I end up not feeling very well at all. So, on Christmas when we have our breakfast there I will not get the pancakes. Even though there isn't much point in going to a pancake house if you're not going to eat the pancakes.

Then, we went over to the ghetto side of town and went shopping at K-Mart. Last weekend we had noticed that they had long sleeved henley tees for men advertised for 7.98 and Keith had been wanting some long sleeved tees for the winter, but we forgot all about driving all the way over to K-Mart earlier this week and remembered about the sale today. We knew they were open since they were the ones who pioneered the whole let's be open on Thanksgiving trend a few years ago, so off to the ghetto we went. And, what do you know, but the Big!Lots store next door was open, too. And both stores were very busy.

So, we shopped around the men's section at K-Mart where lots of the clothes were 50% off today only and ended up getting 3 tees, 2 flannel shirts, and 1 denim shirt for $53.00. Not a bad deal, and I share the flannels and denim shirts with Keith because I like nice warm flannels in the winter and the women's clothes are quite frankly ugly, so our bargain shirts do double duty. I checked over in the women's department and didn't see a single thing that wasn't ugly.

Oh, and we could have gotten our hair done today, the beauty shop/99c store in the same strip mall as K-Mart was open today, too.

And now we are being lazy and Keith is on his way to the store to get beer, another Thanksgiving necessity as far as he is concerned.


PussDaddy said...

I actually really like K-Mart and I always find jeans there that fit me, and on sale too. I got my last 2 pair for $8 a piece. I also like their Joe Boxer pajamas, and their Joe Boxer athletic sets (jogging suits, whatever) because they have wider legs at the bottom and are not all stick pencil skinny like Haynes and stuff are. I did the majority of my shopping at K-mart and WalMart this year.


PussDaddy said...

P.S. I always liked men's flannel shirts too.