Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vet Visit

Pepper was not a very happy kitty yesterday afternoon. Once we got her into the cat carrier she was calm and quiet, sitting in the waiting room at the vet while Keith petted some very big dogs that were also waiting. When we got into the exam room he put her into the bucket that they weight the cats in and she hid in there until the doctor came in. She has actually lost a pound, which she needed to do. One of the brochures in the office says that one pound on a cat is like 15 on a human, so she's getting positively svelte. We brought a big towel with us so Keith put on his leather gloves, wrapped her up in the towel, but still got scratched when the vet was checking Pepper's anal glands. Yes, the old finger up the butt, and then expressing the glands. Pepper snarled and howled and fought. Blood was flowing down Keith's arm.

We got some cream for her bottom and an e-collar which we put on after we got back home and she'd calmed down some. She managed to escape from it about three minutes later. So, we'll put cream on her bottom twice a day and watch her to make sure she doesn't lick it right back off and hopefully her poor raw bottom will heal up.

And now for some less cranky cats. I had left a cleaning rag on the counter intending to do some cleaning I guess but Lucy thought it would be much better if she used it as a pillow. There is also a magazine under her.

Mimi looks so content on the back of the couch.

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PussDaddy said...

At least she is ok. I hope mine never get this anal gland thing.