Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Always Something

Pepper has to go to the vet after Keith gets home with the car today. We really can't afford a vet visit right now but she really needs to go. She got over her diarrhea last week but ever since she has been licking the heck out of her behind. Last night I noticed that her entire behind area is devoid of fur and is totally raw from all the licking. So, we need to take her in and make sure it's not infected and probably get her one of those radar dish collars so she'll quit licking long enough for it to heal up. This is the same cat that wouldn't or couldn't (because she was too fat to reach it) clean herself. This is the same cat that I had to take a warm washcloth and clean her bottom for her every few days.

I know it's probably painful for her because she has been extra extra cranky this week.

Keith's doctor called this week with the results of his x-ray, which shows that he fractured his elbow sometime back and now he has a bone spur or whatever it is because it didn't heal right. He thinks he knows when he did it, he banged his elbow so hard at work that he almost passed out and it's been bothering him ever since. I told him he should have filed a report when he did it so it would be covered by work comp, but of course he didn't because if you file a report at work then their safety record goes down and everyone gets all ticked off because the quarterly safety bonus goes down. So, accidents go unreported at work. I told him that if he even stubs his toe at work he needs to start filling out a report JUST IN CASE! Then he can hate his job even more because everyone at work will be mad at him.

Anyway, the doctor wants him to go see another doctor about surgery on it, but we don't have the money for him to take off work and get it surgeried up right now, so this like so many other things these days will get put on hold for a while. He's managing the pain with motrin and an elbow brace, but without surgery it won't ever get better. Disability won't pay the mortgage and we don't have the 20% copay for surgery until this economy gets better and I can find a job or my business picks back up again.

Speaking of my business, I had just enough money in paypal to pay my etsy bill for September, but after doing my books, the etsy bill just wasn't and hasn't been worth it this year. It's still the best place to be seen and possibly get some sales, but I'm going to have to really watch how much I'm listing there. 20c to list doesn't sound like much, but it certainly adds up over the month. I'll stick to one listing a day if that for a while. It's free for me to list on Artfire and Zibbet for now, but listing stuff doesn't do you any good if there is no one buying it. And when nobody is buying, you don't much feel like making any new stuff nor do you have the money to buy the supplies to make the new stuff.

So, I'll try to keep busy with other things. I'm going to do some house cleaning today and then maybe I'll just sit outside with a book later since we have some nice weather now.

I just re-read this post and it's kind of a bummer, so let me lighten things up a bit here.

I forget where I found this picture, but it's an ad for Dollywood.


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