Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Already?

We were discussing what we are going to do about Halloween this year. Sit inside the dark house and pretend we are not home? Go to the Dollar Tree and buy dollar bags of stale candy? Go to the Dollar Tree and buy Halloween pencils so all the kids see how cheap we are? I'm thinking the stay inside with the lights out myself. Sorry, we just can't afford Halloween this year, you little ragamuffin beggars, you!

This morning I was awakened at 5:30am by Keith running around the house in a panic searching for his wallet. We retraced his steps of last night looking in all the places he sat or stood or put his clothes, searched the laundry basket, the front porch, and the car. Did you take your wallet out anywhere yesterday? Only at Foods Co after work to buy some soda. Well, call work and tell them you'll be late and we'll go to Foods Co when they open at 6 and see if you left it there.

More searching and as I'm out front looking around the porch again, he comes out and says I found it on the workbench in the garage. Under my hardhat. How it got there we don't know, but by this time he was going to be 15 minutes late for work and had been having a panic attack and was feeling all shaky and sick thinking about having to remember what all was in his wallet and try and find all the phone numbers to call and cancel cards and he can't drive 30 miles to work with no driver's license. Not a fun way to start his day. I went back to bed.

We got our cheap Target clearance plants planted in the front flower bed finally, after taking out the plants that had just gotten too wild. We had gotten one jasmine plant for 3.00 and then went back and got another one to put against our two metal trellises. I need to keep track of how they are growing, because it seems like each day they've put out another couple of inches of runner.

Sorry for the mooning gnome in the picture, I didn't realize he was there until now.

This is the 6.00 morning glory we got, we had to go buy a trellis for it but I think it will be worth it.

And this is our little feral friend. He was one of the kittens born in our neighbors yard last year and since our neighbor moved he wasn't getting fed much. He started coming to our yard and meowing at us and we being the suckers for kitties that we are have been giving him our cats leftover food. He comes in the morning and waits for me and again at night. He will hiss at me and then meow, hiss and then meow, like I'm scared of you and stay away from me but please bring me out some food first. Hiss, meow, hiss, meow. He's one of those cats that will talk to you if you meow back at him. Scintillating conversation.

He's a really pretty cat, his eyes don't show well here but they are blue, and he looks healthy with a nice coat despite having been a stray all his short life. He will get within a few feet of me, especially if I'm holding a food dish, but won't let us get any closer or touch him. The only bad thing about having him around the neighborhood is that he has big cojones and if there are any female cats around, we'll have more litters of feral kittens before long. It's a good thing that Mimi is spayed because she is fascinated by this guy when she sees him out the window. I think she has a crush on him.


sp4009 said...

OK, so I signed up... who knows how long before I actually start posting anything...

BTW, just finished cleaning up my monitor after spraying a mouthful of coffee on it after seeing the "mooning gnome" pic ;-)

geelizzie said...

Is that you Joe?

sp4009 said...


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Did you just make your son spray coffee on his computer?
Does that mean he is alive?
(said in that "Young Frankenstein" voice...)

Jennifer said...

Wow! My brother has joined the rest of us!! Please update when you can. Even if it is some goofy picture or weird story or even train driving story. We miss you!

Mom, where did you find the mooning gnome? I need one for my porch. I wonder if they make big ones.

gramargo said...

No idea whether this username and password will work......I'm really supposed to have a Google account, but haven't had any luck getting on here with what I thought was the right combo!

Beautiful stray cat.....too bad he's feral.

PussDaddy said...

I had a cat that looked like that. Man I loved that cat. I just buy one bag of candy, and yes sometimes I get it at the dollar store. We don't even get trick or treaters. Our best year ever we got 11. One year we got one. And last year we got none. It isn't even worth bothering with. I am glad you found your wallet.


PussDaddy said...

I am not related to the kooks above, by the way.

Just jokin'.