Monday, September 7, 2009

We Are Boring

I'm beginning to think we are the most boring people ever. Here we are on a holiday Monday and I've cleaned the house, done some laundry, and am now (obviously) on the computer. Keith has eaten breakfast and sat on the couch and was on the computer looking at Bob and Tom stuff for a while. He'll probably be ready for a nap soon.

This whole city is boring, it's been too hot to go outside the house for the last month, and the air quality has been bad so you're not supposed to go outside anyway, and if you do risk going out, there is really nothing to do once you're out there. I really miss Ventura where if you were bored, you could always go wander around downtown or go for a bike ride by the beach or drive up to Ojai or Santa Barbara. There is nothing like that to do here. Unless you count the bike path by the river, which is nice, but there is no water in the river. What WERE we thinking when we moved here?

It is a little cooler this weekend at least, there is a nice breeze and we were able to open up the windows and doors and turn off the air conditioner. The cats get all excited when the windows are open and line up to smell all the new smells that are coming in with the breeze. I have to watch them so they don't crash through the screen like they did last year, all ending up in the front yard.

So, another weekend where I'm going to end up nagging Keith to GET SOMETHING DONE! I want to move the computer into the work room so we can have our bedroom back to being just a bedroom. He needs to go up in the attic and do something so that there is a phone line in the workroom, why there isn't one already I don't know. So, we'll see if he does that or not. And that's about it for today.


PussDaddy said...

No, we are the most boring people. My husband asked several times if I wanted to go out to eat or something and I said no. We just hung out here, grilled burgers, cleaned a closet, vacuumed, swept and mopped the floors, and exciting stuff like that.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So move back. Maybe you can be in the Victoria house... then we could have all the family parties & bbq's there. And when I dream about my family home at least some family would be living in it...

And I could get a bike and we could ride together. And take you two sailing (no cats on the cat however). Uh what else? We could make a couple of huge studio / craft rooms!!! Think of all that space. And have a goat. ha ha!!! It would be nice. Mom would be happy. I would be happy. :)

geelizzie said...

Well, we can't really move back since there are even less jobs in Ventura than there are in Bakersfield. I don't think Keith would want to commute to Wasco every day.

PussDaddy said...

I guess I won't mention that I thought taking a nap WAS exciting.


Anonymous said...

Does the bedroom share a wall with the craft room? If so, you could just drill a tiny hole in the wall down by the floor, and feed the line through the wall into the other room. I've done this before with the tv cable, and never had a problem with it.