Monday, September 7, 2009

As You Can See

I have a shop on Artfire after much deliberation. Is Artfire the new Etsy? Is it cheaper than Etsy in the long run at $12.00 a month regardless of how much you list or how much you sell? Are there any buyers on Artfire? Who knows, but I've decided to give them another try for at least the rest of the year and see what happens. My monthly fees on etsy are more than 12.00 a month even when not much sells, so...

I also have a shop on Zibbet, which doesn't and won't ever cost me a dime. I'd listed things there on and off when it was free to list, fees only if you sold something, and not much happened there, but they sent me a survey about new changes that were in the works and promised me a free upgraded shop for life just for answering the survey, so free shop it is! Now all they need are buyers, so if you want to shop handmade in a much less junky and crowded environment than etsy, give Zibbet a look. The front page is a little boring, but you can shop by search or category. (or just click on my little zibbet thingie on my sidebar and you'll be magically transported right to my shop!)

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PussDaddy said...

I have talked my fair share of shit about ArtFire I admit. On one hand they are willing to take in the dregs of Etsy society like ShadeJewelry and give them a new comfy home to rip off people just for the sake of taking a seller away from Etsy, but on the other hand from what I have read they do listen more to the sellers over there and try to provide them with more bells and whistles if you will and things that will make selling easier. I am not sure about buyer traffic, and if not for one of their admin talking shit about me in their forum which showed total unprofessionalism in my honest opinion, I might be a buyer over there today, whether a bunch of people I despise reside there or not.