Friday, September 4, 2009

Of Course it Happened in a Walmart

Niece Meghan sent me a link to the site yesterday, which I had read about on yahoo, how these two kids started a website with pictures of people seen in neighborhood walmarts. It's hilarious, go check it out!

Something about walmart brings out the hillbilly in all of us, and we don't care if we go shopping in our fuzzy slippers and too small stretch pants. Underwear optional. Not just the shoppers at walmart, some of the employees are a little scary, too. When I worked there one of my assistant managers had a mullet. A girl mullet.

We had a woman who worked in health and beauty who's fingernails were like this walmart shoppers, pictured below, only more curled up. The last time I saw her, she had cut the nails on one hand short, but still had the curled up claws on the other hand. Yes, she was able to stock shelves and open boxes with the claws, but I always wondered what kinds of nastiness were lurking under those years of fingernail growth and was amazed that management didn't tell her to cut them because she was grossing out the shoppers. Not to mention getting nasty fingernail germiness on all the products she touched. And, yes, I always wondered how she took care of personal issues with those nails. Ick.

Warning!!! This picture is disgusting!!!

And in other walmart related news, how about that story we all heard about the man who slapped a crying toddler after telling the mom she'd better shut that kid up or he'd do it for her? Horrible story, and a horrible thing to do, but haven't we all had times when we were so very tempted to do the same thing? Silly man, don't you know that slapping doesn't shut them up but only makes them cry louder? Duct tape is the answer.

I don't think there has ever been a time when I was in a walmart and there wasn't some kid crying somewhere in the store. It's even worse when you work there, after a while you learn to kind of tune out the crying child, but every once in a while you get a screamer that you really do want to slap. Now, I'm not talking about crying babies, the sound of an infant crying doesn't bother me at all because infants can't talk yet and only have crying to express themselves and usually only cry when they are hungry, wet, or tired, they aren't crying because mom won't buy them a new toy or a candy bar. It's the bigger kids that annoy me. What annoys me even more is when mom or dad gives in and buys the toy or candy just to shut the kid up. So the kid learns that crying and whining is the way to get a new toy or candy. Works like a charm every time.


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