Monday, September 14, 2009

Now, That's Weird

I knew today was going to be cooler and cloudy because I watch the weather reports on the news and all, but looking outside this morning and seeing wet streets was strange, indeed. Our sprinklers were on but they don't get things *that* wet, so what do you know, it must have rained early this morning but only enough to just barely dampen things.

Our respite from the heat will only last a day or two, back into the upper 90's by the end of the week, though. I'm so ready for fall and cooler weather, if only so I can start complaining about how cold it is instead of how hot it is.

The sky looks rather ominous, doesn't it?

As I was taking the above picture I felt like someone was staring at me.

These are just two of our neighborhood feral cats. The one on the left looks as ominous as the sky, doesn't he?


PussDaddy said...

What is weird is that the sky pic disappered on me, lol. I just wanted to let you know geelizzie that I am deleting my blog at midnight central time tonight. I am tired of blogging. But I am glad I met you, you are a wonderful person. Thanks for reading my blog and for being such a nice seller.


geelizzie said...

We'll all miss you, pussdaddy, your blog was the place to go for all the latest drama and excitement. Thanks for reading my blog, sometimes I think you were the only one who did!

PussDaddy said...

Well, hell, they are saying over on Twitter that they "came at me" on my blog forcing me to delete it, so I undeleted the darn thing.