Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strange Indeed

Yesterday's weather? It never really rained down here in Bakersfield other than early in the morning even with the clouds all day, but it rained for a few hours up in Wasco where Keith works. Then on the news last night they said that it has never rained on Sept 14 in Bakersfield before. At least not since they have been keeping records anyway, who knows what happened around here before that. The first settlers came here in 1858, so it's been at least that long since we had rain on yesterday's date. I thought that was interesting. I know it doesn't rain much here, and it does sometimes feel like it's been 150 years since it last rained. Here's hoping for a wetter winter this year. It would be nice to see some water in our river.

And, who stayed up last night to see the new Jay Leno show? I don't know about you, but I liked it. The best part was The Dan Band singing in the car wash. If you've never seen The Dan Band, google them and watch a video or two, they are hilarious!

And, of course I watched the finals of America's Got Talent before Jay came on. This is the first year I've gotten hooked on a show like that, I don't usually watch any of the reality type shows because they are just too annoying. I am very curious to see who's going to win on Wednesday, it's a tough call because all of the acts are really good and they all deserve to win as far as I'm concerned. The opera lady might get it because she's got the cancer sympathy thing going on, and the chicken catcher guy might get it because he's got the I'm just a poor boy from Kentucky thing going on, and Grandma Lee might get it because she's got the I could be your grandma I'm just an old lady and this is my last chance thing going on. The dancing sisters from Utah are probably Mormon, so they'll have the whole state of Utah voting for them.

There is one thing they don't really advertise much about the million dollar prize, you have to read the fine print, because you don't get a million dollars all at once, it's an annuity that pays out over 40 years. If Grandma Lee wins, I'm sure she won't live another 40 years to collect it all, so she's really going to lose out on it.

Anyway, can't wait for Wednesday to see who wins. Yes, we are boring people if America's Got Talent is the most exciting part of our week.

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