Friday, September 25, 2009

This Morning

I wake up and stumble to the bathroom to brush my teeth and go potty and see some brown stuff on the bathroom rug and realize it's runny cat poop and then as I'm picking up the rug to go throw it in the wash Lucy is in the other part of the bathroom vomiting. I'm trying to get her to vomit on the rug since it's going in the wash but of course she vomits on the carpet instead. I always enjoy cleaning up poop and vomit before I've even had my coffee.

Then as I'm getting my coffee Buddy is running around the house and slamming through the cat door into the garage like he's on fire, slamming back through the cat door and around the house again.

Good morning!

Keith is staying home from work today to go to the doctor and see why his arm has been hurting for the past few months. I'm pretty sure it is tendonitis and am pretty sure that is what the doctor will tell him too, but he thinks it's old injuries that have been aggravated by the work he does, constantly using his arm to sledgehammer and weld stuff. The pain got so bad yesterday that he finally called the doctor from work to make an appointment and told his boss he wasn't coming in today. Unfortunately they don't have sick pay at his job, hopefully he has some vacation time saved up to pay for the missed day since his next paycheck goes to the house payment (the entire paycheck) and a day's missed pay will definitely be missed on his check.

I've been working on soldered pendants the past few days.

And, I've found some more strange stuff on Artfire, both of these were in the newly listed yesterday. Their front page is a treasure trove of what the hecks.

I thought this was some kind of tube top because it looks like the bottom part is a skirt, but it is actually a neck warmer. Maybe if they used a live model?

And these glass crack pipes look more like something other than a crack, I mean pot, I mean tobacco, I mean for decorative use only, pipe. They look like something you would see on one of those websites that you get in trouble with your boss or spouse for looking at. The ones that sell toys and I don't mean ToysRUs.

The weatherman is promising us that after one more weekend of scorching 100 degree plus weather we will finally start cooling off into the 90's and maybe even the 80's next week. Finally.

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PussDaddy said...

I think they are pot pipes, not crack pipes, lol.