Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If You

Get an envelope in the mail from Nielsen that looks like this OPEN IT!

Because there are two one dollar bills inside! Whoo-hoo!

It's from the Nielsen Family TV research people and they want you to fill out a short survey about how many TVs you have and what demographic you fit into and they give you 2 bucks for your time. Hey, these days 2 bucks is 2 bucks, right? Of course Keith grabbed those 2 bucks and put them right into his wallet. Wait a minute, I'm the one who opened the mail!

So, I'm going to answer these generic survey questions and maybe we'll get to be a Nielsen Family and they'll send me more envelopes with 2 bucks in them? It's worth a try.

We were wondering how many people just toss this envelope thinking it's just more junk mail and how many dollar bills are in the landfills or mulched up in the recycling centers. We were thinking about dumpster diving in the neighborhood this trash day to see if we strike it rich, 2 bucks at a time.

And on another subject, we've been watching the new Sunday night football and I've actually enjoyed watching it. I've never been much into sports on TV, only watching the super bowl each year to see the commercials, but it's kind of fun to sit on the couch on a lazy Sunday and watch the game. Especially when they do things like pan in on the team owner and he's PICKING HIS NOSE! Then they show Laura Bush in the crowd and I'm all well at least SHE isn't picking her nose and Keith says yeah, but the guy behind her IS. So, when the game is slow and they pan around a second sport can be made out of watching for people picking their noses. Two sports in one!

The nose picking video is all over the internet by the way, and was even on Jay Leno last night. How embarrassing.

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PussDaddy said...

I have filled out that Nielson thing before. Then sent me one for the radio, too. But I tried telling them I rarely listen to the radio, and they insisted it was OK, so I did it anyway. The next year they asked me to do it again, so I said OK, and then they sent a letter saying you already did this last year, and I know it was because my info wasn't very useful, like I sait it wouldn't be, lol.