Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What in The World Wednesday

I've been working on getting my Artfire shop filled up lately. I did finally get my first sale there since I re-opened my shop and I like that you can see in your stats what search terms people are using when they happen upon your shop through google. The front page is nice in that it shows all of the recently listed items, but it also looks kind of junky and jumbled and you see some things that are definitely not front page worthy. Things that just leave you scratching your head.

Things like this steampunk Christmas ornament. Now, I don't really get the whole steampunk thing, but apparently you can slap some watch parts on anything and call it steampunk.

And these are called boot covers, why you need to cover up your boots with sasquatch legs I don't know.


And, in other news, our county fair is set to open up today. I don't think we'll be attending this year since we really don't have the extra money and it's supposed to be in the 100's for the next week or so and going to the county fair when it's 102 outside doesn't sound like something I want to do. Although we will miss out on seeing Rick Springfield, Phil Vassar, and the Hansons. I guess you can make a pretty good career from one hit song and the county fair circuit.

Oh, and our drug dealers down the street finally got busted. Here's the background on this story:

First, we live in a pretty normal middle class neighborhood, it's not in the poor part of town, we have a country club and a golf course up the road and lots of gated housing tracts around, we certainly aren't living in the slums and don't have gangs running our streets shooting each other. What we did have was a normal looking family down the street that has been running what appears to be a very lucrative little business selling drugs to teenagers for the past few years out of their home. You would see cars going to the house, stopping for a minute, then driving off, or you'd see groups of kids walking down the street and then back up in just a few minutes, or you'd see what I saw out the front window one day. A car with two teens in it stopping in front of my house, the girl drug dealer walking down the street to meet them, and the quick exchange of money for drugs.
Why didn't the police stop them before now you may ask? I've wondered about that because it's not like they weren't aware of the problem, people on this street have been calling on a daily basis about the issue, our neighbor Justin repeatedly called and then finally asked the police operator if he shouldn't just start selling drugs out of his house, too, since the police didn't seem to care all that much. He was told 'well, that would be your choice, Sir'.

But, finally, and damn I'm upset that I missed all the drama, they got busted a few days ago by DEA. Keith was talking to a neigbor down the street who had been calling the police every day about the drug dealing that he watched every day, and he got the scoop on what happened. Apparently a couple of unmarked vans pulled up in front of the house, DEA agents got out, and armed with a search warrant, went in and arrested the girl drug dealer and her father. It's about time!

I'm sure they'll be back and up and running their little business again in a few days, but we have noticed a definite decrease in traffic up and down the street and the kids that I used to see walking up and down the street are gone.

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Jennifer said...

Rick Springfield played at our fair also and I missed him. In fact I did not go to any concerts this year.