Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of Fall?

You sure wouldn't know it around here. It's still HOT and will be HOT all week.

We had a rather dull weekend, but we're kind of getting used to being king and queen of the dull. Keith worked in the yard messing around with planting our bargain plants from Target and digging holes to move two shrubs that just don't want to grow where they are in the front planter to maybe a more sunny or better spot or something in the back yard. I'm trying to remember what these shrubs are called, it's not magnolia but something like that with white flowers or maybe it is magnolia but I thought those grew on trees. I don't know, but the shrubs have been in the same spot since we moved here and they just don't grow at all where they are. He ended up not feeling good because he was out in the hot sun too long. So, the project didn't get finished of course.

We were trying to think of things that we can do on the weekends if the weather ever cools off, there are a couple of parks with lakes here that we could go have a picnic by or just take a walk around them. Of course we have to drive to the lakes and use up gas to get there. The closest lake is the one where everybody drowns, so we could take a picnic lunch and sit and watch out for drowning people I suppose. Like I've said before, there really isn't much to do in this town.

We were also talking about supporting our local minor league baseball team and going to see some games, admission is cheap as far as I know, and that would be a fun getting out of the house kind of thing to do. So, I went on their website to check the schedule and of course they are done for the season, so we'll have to wait for next year. If we remember.

Hockey season is probably coming up, so maybe we'll go support our local hockey team this fall. At least it's cool inside the arena, what with it being played on ICE and all. We'll see, even the $5.00 seats may be out of our budget at the moment.

So, anyway, happy Fall, I am really really looking forward to some cooler weather.


Jennifer said...

Go to the hockey games. Dad took me to a kings game last year it was so much fun! I hae to get tickets to one so I can take Travis this year.

PussDaddy said...

It is rainy and cold here today. It was nice yesterday, we grilled out. The Cornhuskers managed to lose to Va. Tech by one point though in our football game.