Friday, September 18, 2009

I Almost Forgot!

Happy Birthday Son!

I was sitting here at the computer paying the bills online and had to write out a couple of doctor bill checks and realized what the date was. September 18! It's Joe's birthday! And I'm a lousy mother because I almost forgot!

Then when I realized what the date was I wrote 9/18/81 on the check that I was in the middle of writing out. Good thing I caught that before I put it in the envelope. 9/18/81 is a very convenient date to have your birthday on, isn't it? Today's date works pretty well, too, 9/18/09. So, Happy 28th, Joe! Damn, I feel old now!

So, 28 years ago today a little mostly peach fuzz headed baby was born. We didn't realize we had a redhead until that peach fuzz started growing in a little. Back then, we weren't warned about putting our babies on their stomachs, something that I guess isn't done today, but as you can see by this picture, they even did it in the hospital.

We didn't have a camera back then, so the official family photographer, the only one of us that did have a camera, was my sister Linda, and she took this photo through the window to the nursery. None of this having your baby in the room with you and letting family in your room to see the baby back then, they kept those kids all bundled up and sterile and only brought them out at feeding time.

Joe was born by c/section, so we didn't go home until he was 5 days old. Here's big sister Jennifer with her new baby brother.

I don't have very many baby pictures of either kid, like I said we had no camera and digital cameras had yet to be invented, along with home computers to do your digital pictures on. If you had a camera, you still had to take all those rolls of film down to be developed and it was always interesting to see if any of your pictures were even worth keeping.

Here is Joe on his first birthday, I think the cake was chocolate.

He was a happy little boy!


Anonymous said...

Hey ya! Just stopping by to catch up on blog readings...

Lovely morning glory's! And the weather has been weird here lately too. In the middle of July we were looking at 108 record highs, then in august, 60's and rain. These last few days it's been rainy at night and nice during the day, but too damp to paint. Damn!

Supposed to warm back up into the 90's next week though, so painting it is. gah! I'll be happy when I have something ELSE to blog about.

PussDaddy said...

Happy birthday!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I kind of forgot too...
Well I thought of it a few days ago, then forgot yesterday, but hey, it wasn't my stomach they cut a giant hole in, pulled out body parts, pulled out an alien and then put everything back in to...
(remember I watched Donna have a c-section at 3 am - seen more of her than she was ever going to see!)
Happy Birthday Nephew!