Thursday, September 17, 2009

Drugs and Morning Glories

We went to Target the other day to get our DRUGS. Remember back when drug stores were still called drug stores, not pharmacies? You'd see a big sign that just said DRUGS and you knew you could get your prescription filled, shop for all the little things that you need like toothpaste and bobby pins, and then get an ice cream or a coke at the soda fountain. Now the word DRUGS has an entire new meaning and you just don't see DRUG stores anymore.

Anyway, we got our DRUGS and wandered over to the garden section to take a look around because I had seen some plants on clearance. We got this HUGE morning glory to put along the fence in the back yard for only $6.00! Even the original price of $14.99 was a pretty good price for a plant this big, it's at least 4 feet tall and is supposedly drought tolerant once it's established. As I've said before, it never rains here, so we definitely look for that drought tolerant on the plant tags.

It's sitting out front still, but I'm hoping Keith will get it planted in the back yard this weekend. If not, I'll just have to nag him about it.

Oh, and I'm so glad that the chicken catcher Kevin Skinner won the show last night on America's Got Talent! I had a feeling that he might win after seeing his audition and it's nice to see a simple country boy win, unless that was all just an act of course!

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