Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cats in The Bedroom

I was going to try and do a zibbet seller feature this weekend, but you know what? There are so few sellers on zibbet that it is really hard to find someone to feature, so I'll try again next weekend. I did finally get my first sale on zibbet, though, so that's a good sign I guess.

So, instead I will talk about cats.

We usually only let Harri stay in our bedroom at night, partly because she is so freaked out by the other cats all the time that we give her some sanctuary in here, and partly because the kitty window seat is 'hers' and she's usually there when we go to bed, and partly because she only rarely disturbs us by getting in bed with us, and when she does get in bed, she lays down and only stays for a little while, and partly because I just don't have the heart to throw her to the wolves and kick her out of the bedroom at night.

Friday night, there were a couple of other cats in here when I went to bed, so I decided to leave the door open so that they could come and go. So, I'm sound asleep and hear the strangest banging noise and wake up to find Buddy and Lucy jumping on and rolling around in the plastic laundry basket, crashing it into the cabinet door under the bathroom sink. I get up and toss the laundry basket out into the hallway and go back to bed.

Then a few hours later, Buddy is biting my toes, so I kick him off the bed, then a few hours later Buddy is biting my toes again, so I kick him off the bed again. Then some more crashing sounds from the laundry basket that they are now rolling around in the hallway, and then a whole bunch of cats are running around in the bedroom because it is now 5 am and they are used to Keith being up and they are hungry and it's time to FEED US! NOW!

But, I'm too tired to get up and feed them, so I kick them all out, shut all the doors, and go back to sleep. Then when I wake up at 7:30, they are all waiting outside the door because they are starving and FEED US NOW!

So, last night I made absolutely sure that no cats were in here when we went to bed and had a good night's sleep with nobody biting my toes or chasing each other around or jumping on laundry baskets or banging their favorite toy against the bathroom walls. I had a much more restful night's sleep. But they were still waiting outside the door this morning for me to finally get my lazy self out of bed and FEED US NOW BECAUSE WE ARE STARVING HERE LADY!!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

You have wolves too? YIKES!

PussDaddy said...

Hee hee, our cats walk all over us, across our chest, even our face sometimes, and bite us when we move our feet sometimes. Sometimes we wake up and we are eyeball to eyeball with a cat, or even worse cat butt to eyeball with a cat. Sometimes they just climb in to get warm and snuggle up to us.