Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't Go Outside!

We're having an air quality alert today. Unhealthy for everyone, so don't go outside! Last night we were sitting at the dinner table asking each other what our reason for moving to Bakersfield was in the first place. It's hot and the air is unbreathable, but the houses are cheap! Ugh. I really miss the nice ocean air in Ventura, but the possibility of moving back there is like slim and none. The place Keith worked before we moved here is laying people off right and left, and the ones that are still there are on a 4 day work week, soon to go down to 3, so it's not like he could get his job back or anything.

And we're a little ticked about this cash for clunkers deal that's going on right now. It's really annoying that we bought a car in January and missed out on this deal, but our clunker wouldn't have lasted this long and we really needed a car so Keith could get to work. I was wondering why they have to destroy the clunkers, why they couldn't have refurbished them (creating some refurbishing jobs along the way) and given these cars to low income people who don't have a car or something. Also, think about it, the government money for the clunkers is not free money, it's our money that we paid in taxes. Nothing from the government is free, somebody (us) has already paid for it.

I had the most bizarre dream about going back to work at walmart last night. Not that they've called me to come back to work, which also ticks me off. I've noticed that the applications these days all ask if you or your family has received any welfare or other government (again, our tax dollars) money, and I'm thinking that businesses are being pressured to hire these people first, so if you haven't been on welfare, you're not going to get hired. Anyway, the dream was that I was going to my first day at work but didn't have any pants on and had to buy some walmart khaki pants and was running around the store trying to buy some pants, then was like an hour late for work trying to find pants, then went into the bathroom at walmart (I always have weird bathroom dreams when in reality I really do need to get up and pee) and there were big fat rats in the bathroom and cats trying to catch the big fat rats that were eating people's plates of food that they had left in the bathroom. There were also big piles of cats in the garden section of walmart and they were sorted by orange cats on this side and silver tabbies on the other side. In part of the dream I was also like miles away from walmart and trying to walk as fast as I could to get to work on time. I think I still didn't have pants on at that point.

I do have some odd dreams sometimes and while they make perfect sense when I'm dreaming them, I always wake up and kind of go 'huh?'. I don't always remember much of them, but this one I did because I did indeed wake up and go to the bathroom.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I had a dream about going back to the insurance office and since they moved while I was in Mexico, I didn't know what the new office looked like. So I was dreaming about the new office (because I am going back there in Oct fo 3 months) and it was all about the bathroom. It was a giant room with about 100 toilets all over the place, women everywhere and all I could think about was, "Luckily I only have to pee, but what if I had to go poop? I can't do that in here. Too many women around". Then I woke up and realized, I too had to pee.