Friday, August 21, 2009

One of Those 'DUH!' Moments!

So, Oprah has her 'aha' or 'O' moments or whatever, where you have a life-changing epiphany or whatever. I have those 'duh' moments where I think of something so simple and obvious that I wonder what my brain does most of the day. They are not exactly life-changing or spiritual or all that Oprah crap, but they do help simplify.

My latest 'duh' moments (two for the price of one) came to me while I was working on my new suncatcher things. I had been soldering up a bunch of tiles, marbles, glass fragments, etc., and then playing around with them and putting them all together into the suncatcher. I found that it was taking a long time to solder up all the pieces and then having a bunch extra laying around or not enough of the right color or whatever, so I thought 'duh!', why not solder up just what I need by laying out my suncatcher first, then soldering all the pieces?' Duh, indeed.

So, I started doing that, saving a lot of time and work. But, after I was done soldering all the pieces, I couldn't really remember where they all went in the layout, so 'duh!' why not TAKE A PICTURE OF THE LAYOUT FIRST. Duh, indeed. How simple, and why didn't I think of that before?

So, pictures first, then soldering, then referring back to the picture still captured in the camera (love digital cameras), then soldering the whole bunch all together. I still might move around some of the pieces, but at least the picture reminds me of what I was planning in the first place, because things like that go by the wayside in my mind so quickly.

So, layout first:

Then, solder and layout again:

Then, solder it all together and it's done!:

I really like the way this next one came out, I did play around with the layout and change a few things after soldering:


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Anonymous said...

That little girl is so cute. Love the sun catcher idea!