Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Stuff

I haven't blogged yet this week, not because I'm just so very busy, but because there really wasn't anything to blog about. It has not been a real productive week so far, but today I did start cleaning and doing laundry early and have actually gotten quite a bit done.

As I was cleaning, I was thinking about how when you live with someone else, it's not the big things that annoy you, it's the little tiny things, like a t-shirt left laying on the couch, or the cereal box left on the counter, or the hairbrush on the sink instead of in the drawer. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about here. We all have our little things that we do that are guaranteed to annoy someone else. Not me, of course, I never annoy, ha ha.

What else? Oh, yes, Buddy got himself stuck in the washer/dryer closet in the kitchen. He had jumped onto the dryer, saw a toy mouse between the dryer and the wall, then jumped down in between the dryer and the wall to get his mouse, and then couldn't get his big head out from between the dryer and the folding closet door.

Please excuse our nasty kitchen floor in these photos, we still don't have a floor down and I'm beginning to wonder if we ever will. Not to mention the hole in our bathroom wall from the plumbing repairs that will probably not be covered up for months and months and months.

Here's Buddy stuck behind the door. After moving the door around, he finally figured out how to get out.

You can see the tailless toy mouse in the photo that caused all this, that little blue thing on the floor. We had rescued about twenty of these from under the stove last weekend. Buddy was in mouse heaven when he saw them all and couldn't decide which one to play with first.

And, Harri has this phobia about the kitty door into the garage. She absolutely will NOT go through the door by herself but will sit there and look at the door, look at you, look back at the door, look at you, hoping that you will open the door for her so she can go hide in a dark spot in the garage. Then she will repeat the process when she wants back in the house. You'll be walking into the kitchen and see Harri on the other side of the door looking in, patiently waiting until you come open the door for her. We've tried pushing her through so she gets the idea, but to no avail.

Open, open, open.

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