Friday, June 26, 2009

TV Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

Wow, what a weird day yesterday was for celebrities dying, right? We were all expecting poor Farrah to go any day now, but to have Michael Jackson drop dead a few hours later was odd, indeed. Now Farrah won't get her People magazine cover, Michael will get the big picture, and Farrah will be relegated to the sidebar.

What amazed me was how fast the networks jumped on this and had special 20/20s and Datelines ready to go in just a few hours. And, yes, I watched them. I'm sure they had Farrah's already in the can and just waiting for the moment, but to whip up an hour's show on Michael Jackson on not one but two networks just hours after his death just goes to show the power of TV. I guess with all the instant communications these days you can't wait too long or you'll lose your audience.

Keith was going on about why are they making such a big deal about Michael Jackson and why does his body get a helicopter ride to the coroner, but think about it, for a generation of kids, Michael Jackson was their Elvis, the biggest thing they'd ever seen and if they don't have some security on his body, you'll see deathbed photos in every tabloid and people trying to cut pieces off of him for souvenirs. I'm sure there will be Michael Jackson sightings for years to come, and you'll see Michael Jackson look-a-like conventions in Las Vegas (if they don't have those already) and sales of his albums will soar and everyone will start wearing one sparkly glove here real soon. They'll re-open Neverland as a tourist attraction and put live animals back in the petting zoo. Maybe he really is faking his death to get out from under the 500 million or so in debt that he reportedly is in.

Anyway, sad day for Farrah's family, and sad day for Michael's family. Hey, where was the hour special for Ed McMahon?


Jennifer said...

They did have a special for Ed McMahon. I missed it though. Michael Jackson was my Elvis!! I did watch the CBS special on him, well actually I have been watching it this morning. I will never forget where I was when he my dad's bathroom playing with 9 baby kitties!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Michael Jackson gave me the willies.
The one glove thing has already hit "Meerkat"... Tim called his wife as we were getting close to Ensenada and was told about the deaths. Then I noticed that Stan had put one sailing glove on. No glitter, just a little leather and velcro. I got the willies when I saw him wearing it, but then I realized it was so he could furl the headsail...
Sad for Farrah and her family - I think she turned into a great actor and anyone that has to go thru cancer gets my vote for sympathy. Now a possible prescription drug addict? Possible child molester? Hung his kid out over a balcony? Dyed his skin white and cut off his nose? ICK.

EtsyWTF said...

I feel sad for Farrah's family and when Patrick Swayze dies, that will be a sad day too. They embraced life and fought the good fight. I am having a tough time summoning up any sadness for MJ though. He was so mentally ill, drug-addled, and physically deformed, that his sudden death seems more like a merciful ending, than a sad event.