Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dear Vons

We've been going steady for quite a few years now, but the time has come for us to part ways. I can no longer afford to shop at your store even if you do have a Starbucks inside. Not that I've been able to afford my Starbucks the last five times I've shopped there.

No, despite your shelves crammed full of every product imaginable and your friendly employees and your cute re-usable shopping bags and the fact that my bank, along with Starbucks, is also conveniently located in your store, the time has come that I need to go in search of cheaper groceries. We're hurting, Vons, what with having to buy a car this year, and my business slowly sinking, and no overtime at Keith's job anymore (but thank the stars above that he still HAS a job, even though fully 1/2 of his take home pay goes right to the mortgage) and six cats that like to eat, and summer is here and our electric bill will soon be in the six figures range, and I can't even afford to buy some new underwear, we just can't afford to shop with you anymore.

So, today I gave Winco a second try. Winco had opened up a stone's throw away from Vons a few years ago, and we shopped there a couple of times, liked the prices, but didn't like the ambiance and the not so great of a selection. But, considering that we needed all the basics today, nothing fancy, I decided to go to Winco. And, you know what? I'm sold.

Yoplait yogurt for 45c? Green leaf lettuce for $1.28? Rice a roni for 88c? The taco seasoning that costs $1.00 at Vons for 38c? Lactose free milk for 2.37? Apple juice for 1.69? And canned vegetables for 55c? Yep, I'm sold.

I did spend a lot because we were out of absolutely EVERYTHING and I did buy some frozen not very healthy entrees because I'm too lazy to really cook anything, but it should last us for 2 weeks, with only a trip in between to get a few things for Keith's packed lunches, and I did get like 9 big bags of groceries, so I think I got my money's worth, and whaddya know, there's actually something to eat in there!

So, Vons, it's been great, but I just can't continue with the relationship anymore, it's just not good for my pocketbook.

And by the way, I did re-apply at walmart, but they don't seem to want me, and Target just flat out tells you they're not hiring before they even let you fill out an application, and I applied at Foods Co yesterday. I might give McDonalds a try next.

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