Friday, June 12, 2009

So Much to Do

So little ambition to do it.

I need to clean the house today. You'd think with all my free time this wouldn't be an issue and I'd have a sparkling clean house. Not.

I've been working on some new stuff for my shop this week, taking new pictures, and taking old stuff out of my shop. I'm not happy with the new pictures, though, so I'll probably re-do them all again. Anything is better than cleaning the house, right?

Ha Ha.

So, I am going to force myself to GO CLEAN THE HOUSE! NOW!

But first, I'm loving the weather we've been having. It's cooler than normal so far this month, with temps only reaching the low 80's instead of the 90's. Each day I've been able to have the windows wide open with nice breezes blowing through the house. And what's even better is that the air quality is good! Well, except for the pungent manure odor last night from the fields that is. But, manure is better than choking pollution I suppose. At least it has a nice farmy smell to it.

Oh, and what's new for my shop? A couple of metal pendants, and I'm working on some glittery flower pendants. I'm tired of soldered glass and it hasn't been selling lately anyway, so I'm looking for things that are easy to make but with a little more fancy look to them, if that's the word. More sparkle in the shop.

Here are the metal pendants.

No pics yet of the sparkly ones, I'm waiting for the sun to come out a little more before I can get some shots of those.

Okay, NOW I am going to go clean the house! Maybe.

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