Saturday, June 13, 2009

Caturday and Stuff

I guess Mimi really likes to be close to me even when I'm not right there. Besides jumping onto my shoulders to purr away any chance she gets, she is fond of where my behind has been, too.

Besides taking over my recently vacated stool,

She also likes to lay on my recently vacated pants.

I did get some cleaning done yesterday, even dusting things in the bathroom that hadn't been dusted in a very very long time, judging by the thick layer of dust on them. I cleaned the toilet, the bedroom, vacuumed the workroom, and finished redoing my entire shop with new more colorful pictures. Such as:
I also have a new shop on a brand spanking new site!

So far, I'm just double listing all my etsy stuff onto the new shop, since sales are so slow and the site is so new, I think the risk of possibly double selling something is next to none, what I'm doing is just removing whatever sells on etsy from trendyindie. I'm really excited about this new site, it's got all the features you could ever want, plus a really nice look to it, all for 6.49 a month for unlimited listings. My etsy bill is 6.49 a day sometimes!

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