Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Library, The Library!

So, I was watching that Earth 2100 or whatever it was called show the other night, you know, the one about how the earth will change in the next 90 years, and thank God I won't be here for it, because it was really really depressing. In a nutshell, if we keep on going the way we have been going for the last 90 years, and if we keep on multiplying in population the way we have been in the last 90 years, and if we keep polluting the earth the way we have been in the last 90 years, the next 90 are going to be the end of the world as we know it. We will have no food and no water and extreme pestilence and disease (which will take care of that overpopulation problem) and the whole world will be in a state of extreme chaos and anarchy. And there will be no electricity and NO INTERNET...oh, the horror! Basically the world will be the way it was in the Mad Max movies.

The whole show was designed to scare us all straight and get us to start cleaning up our acts.

But, about all I could think of while watching the part about how the melting of all the ice caps and frozen tundras will cause the sea level to rise and big storms will come to wipe out Manhattan was, don't you people know you're supposed to go to the big library like they did in that movie The Day After Tomorrow? As soon as Manhattan starts flooding, get your asses up those library steps and barricade yourself into a big room with lots of books so you can debate about whether or not to burn great literature to keep warm. And then Dennis Quaid will come and save you.

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