Monday, June 8, 2009


It's Monday and this Monday is almost as depressing as the Mondays were back when I had a real job. You wake up to check your email to see if you have any sales and it's just a big fat zero staring you in the face, not even any spam emails. Of course I have a really good spam blocker so I don't get spam emails much anyway. But, a big fat zero is no way to start your week out.

I've been looking at the sold features on etsy lately to see what and if people are still buying, and you know what? They're buying, but it seems to be mostly supplies so that they can open up their own etsy shop. Etsy was featured on Good Morning America a week or so ago as a great way to stay home and make tons of money. They did stories on some etsy shops claiming that they were making tons of bucks, but when you looked at the etsy shops, the sales numbers just didn't add up to tons of bucks as far as I could see.

I've been wondering if scrabble tile pendants are still selling or if people are getting a little tired of them. Currently there are over 14000 listings for scrabble tiles, and while some shops are doing pretty well, you'd think that everyone would already have a scrabble tile pendant by now. When looking at the sold items, you don't see quite as many going through these days, and with everyone selling scrabble tile pendant supplies and collage sheets, they're all starting to look the same, too.

Oh, well.

So, I'm still trying to find that magic something that people can't live without and will come to my shop in droves to buy it, but the magic just isn't happening these days.

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