Saturday, June 6, 2009

Caturday Cuteness

Once again, it's Caturday, amazing how fast the weeks fly by!

Here's Mimi in her little corner that she likes to sleep in, she fits herself in between the candle stand and the cupboard, but she usually doesn't contort herself quite like this.

She was sound sound asleep.

And here are some lolcats that I found amusing. When you're feeling a little down because of the economy or the fact that you're eating bean burritos every night for dinner because that's all you can afford, nothing like a lolcat to cheer you up!

And, speaking of the economy, news is that walmart will be hiring 22000 people this year. Whoo hoo! I did put in my application over there but I guess they don't want me to be one of those 22000 people, because my phone has not rung. Not that I really want to go back to walmart but we're getting desperate here, folks!

Somehow I don't think that hiring 22000 people at walmart will take care of the rest of the million or so who lost their jobs just in the last few months, though. But, it does give me hope that this mess may turn around before we're all living in cardboard boxes.

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