Friday, May 22, 2009

If It's Yellow

I've been doing the whole if it's yellow let it mellow thing with the toilet, only flushing when the yellow starts to become kind of neon. The cloth wipe thing is working out really well, we haven't bought toilet paper in weeks now, before it seemed like we were buying the mega pack about every three days. I usually try to remember to shut the lid so it's not quite so nasty, but apparently forgot the other night.

I'm getting ready for bed and go into the bathroom for one last pee and see something foreign floating around in the nice mellowy yellowy water. It's Buddy's favorite jingle mouse toy that I had just heard him jingling around with a few minutes earlier. Buddy's favorite jingle mouse toy is now drowning in the toilet. Ick. Do I flush and hope it goes down? No, we only have one toilet and it's not pretty if it's clogged up and we can't use it. Keith can go in the backyard and pee against a tree but it's not that easy for me if the toilet's not working and we all know how many times I have to go to the bathroom each day.

No, don't flush that jingle mouse, grab some tp and gingerly fish it out, gagging the whole time, and fling that thing in the trash can. Then go get some bleach and scrub the heck out of my hands.

Why do cats like to drop stuff in the toilet anyway? They're worse than toddlers sometimes!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Sorry, but that's just funny!

Have a great weekend!