Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cats and Stuff

Not much going on around here-it's hot, sales are slow, and I went to the dentist yesterday. I have to go every 3 months for perio maintenance and I really don't enjoy it. Especially when they put you in the chair and the young girl in the same big room as you is having EXTRACTIONS that you can see and hear while you are waiting in your own personal torture chair. I was cringing. But at least this time the girl who polished my teeth was very gentle, the last time the girl was so zealous that she polished a big sore spot into my gum.

With the summer weather here already, Keith is starting to go into work at 5am instead of 6 so that they can get off work earlier and try to beat some of the hot temps. He comes home just covered in sweat after working outside all day. He wears a t-shirt under his uniform shirt to soak up some of the sweat and also because the fabric of the uniform shirt is so rough. Being a welder, his tees get burn holes in them and only last a few months. So, when I saw that Michaels Crafts had tees on sale for 2.00 each, I'm thinking, hey, what a great price for work tees. I'd never thought of buying them there before even with the regular price only being 3.99. So, if you need lightweight tees in a rainbow of colors, get yourself over to Michaels before the sale is over.

He brings a clean uniform home each night and last night he laid it on the table, and of course about 2 seconds later Mimi was all 'clean uniform? I'm there!'

Here she is being silly.

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Cute kitty!