Saturday, May 30, 2009

Caturday Cuteness

Well, at least I think they are cute. Even if they are big pains in the you know what sometimes!

Yesterday about mid-morning I realized I hadn't seen Buddy for a while and he wasn't in his usual spot under the covers on our bed. With six cats you have to do a head count a few times a day to make sure nobody's locked in the refrigerator or something. So, I go around the house calling for Buddy, opening the garage door to see if he's out there, then turn around and see his lazy self up on top of the kitchen divider looking at me like 'yo, what's your problem, I'm right here'.

Then later Mimi discovered the basket in my workroom, hey, it's just the right size for a petite little Mimi!

It's just the right size for napping, too!

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